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For that special occasion or event when making a statement is important. For that special person in your life who deserves a sacred statement of your love. For yourself when you are ready to be seen making a sacred statement with your life.

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Welcome Sacred Adorned Ones!


I am honored you have stopped by to visit my sacred online space for all jewelry sacred, blessed and activated.

I hand-create most of these one-of-a-kinda pieces using natural gemstones, crystals, re-purposed jewelry pieces and parts, and whatever else my sacred muse within desires to create with. Each piece is blessed with the highest light and energetic activation to shift the energy of YOU to one of lightness, love and peace when you wear it.

Once you purchase a piece, you become a part of the Sacred Circle of Stones Jewelry Tribe around the world who own one or more of these sacred works of adornment.

And if that's not special enough, purchasing one of my Sacred Soul Alchemy Malas gifts you a FREE 1 hour Spiritual Intuitive Soul Guidance Session with me by phone! A $300 value.  Check me out at www.lindagalvan.com

Be blessed and adorned with sacred objects!

Linda Galvan

My Sacred Soul Alchemy Malas are created only by me, by hand while in a state of divine meditation.  Each mala is unique and will never be duplicated to honor the uniqueness of each soul on this planet. If a mala calls to you, it is because it was MADE FOR YOU! The art of mala making is sacred. Each mala is infused with intentional, expansive light, love, joy and healing. I pray, meditate and say a sacred mantra with every mala after I have completed it to activate and charge it for its sacred owner. You can always clear, charge and program your mala with your own personal intentions once you receive it. These malas were created to honor the special soul light that you are, enhancing your radiance in the world when you wear your mala.  

My malas tend to sell as quickly as I make them so you might find my shop continuously low on malas only because I do not rush this sacred creative process.

The purchase of a Sacred Soul Alchemy Mala comes with a FREE 1 hour Spiritual Intuitive Soul Guidance Phone Session with me!

Blessings Beautiful Ones!

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